Young Architects 13: It’s Different

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You must register or login and become a member in order to post messages, and view any private posts. Number of teams participated. Jury Vote. IE School of Architecture and Design IE School of Architecture and Design is one of the leading schools in Europe and expands the boundaries of traditional architectural and design education.

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Participate and comment. Size Name Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email at your email address. The FAQs will be updated with the questions of the participants. Competition's jury. Paul Priestman. Anupama Kundoo. Martha Thorne. Other active competitions. Competition winners. Hyde Park Music Pavilion.


Architectural League Prize for Young Architects & Designers revealed -

Team: HPMP Viewpoint of the Fjords. IE Spaces for Innovation Prize. Team: 5SFI Linda Rekelhof. Spring Hotels Design Challenge. Team: SHDC Alberto carbonell. Sergi Sauras. Previous Pause Next. Studio Cooke John was established by architect Nina Cooke John after working on a range of cultural, institutional, masterplan, and residential projects.

Studio Cooke John is a New York—based design studio with a strong focus on high-impact, residential architecture, as well as design for international cultural institutions. After working across the country on major cultural and institutional projects, Cooke John formed Frame Design Lab in , which became the predecessor for her current firm. Cooke John's focus on residential design allows her to consider design at a range of scales, from the individual home to the broader context.

This kitchen renovation in Chelsea was completed with Anne-Marie Singer. Born in Jamaica, Nina has always been inspired by the creativity she witnessed in her homeland, and sees her multi-faceted design practice as one that explores modern living "from the intimate scale of the home to that of the street. This conceptual installation proposal by Studio Cooke John seeks to empower women to walk fearlessly at night using a combination of light towers and sidewalk light strips and a real-time crowd-sourcing app designed to promote communication between women as they walk the streets at night.

The three founders of Egg Collective—Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie—had backgrounds in art, architecture, and woodworking before they started their company in The company is also committed to representing a small selection of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists and designers with the hopes of fostering a dialogue across the applied and fine arts.

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  • City Benches by young designers brighten London's Cheapside.

The Kenny dining table by Egg Collective comes in a range of wood species and is available custom with either a live-edge top or a finished, rectangular top. Artist and designer Nina Cho is inspired by concepts rooted in traditional Korean art but with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Born in the United States and raised in South Korea, artist and designer Nina Cho studied woodworking and furniture design in Korea before attending Cranbrook Academy of Art and ultimately established her studio in Detroit, Michigan.

In Korea, the Hongik University encouraged her to tell my own story and design pieces inspired by her own identity, while her time at Cranbrook allowed her to continue to develop her own distinct process and approach. Cho's background in furniture design is evident in her pieces, which explores reductive forms to the point where they strike a balance between furniture and artwork.

“YALA. Young Architects in Latin America” at Arc en Rêve Bordeaux

Her Cantilever Table started with the planar material of sheet metal and developed ideas about folding and bending to create a simple but dynamic, three-dimensional form. Cho credits her background that led her to a reductive aesthetic, where she "merges Eastern philosophy with experimental forms" by exploring voids and the concept of emptiness—an idea that is part of a traditional Korean aesthetic.

In Korean paintings, she points out, the unpainted portion is just as important as the painted part, "respecting the emptiness as much as the object. Cho's series of glass vessels, called Layering Transparency, considers overlapping parts of positive and negative space in different colors and tones. I use various materials and study how they relate to my philosophy," says Cho. Laura Preston of Vacilando Quilting makes modern quilts inspired by travel out of her foot Airstream trailer that she and her husband have been working, living, and traveling in since Vacilando Quilting Co.

Preston looks to travel, landscapes, and connections with place as inspiration for her fresh, graphic, and bold designs with solid-colored fabrics and large-scale piecing. Through her company Vacilando Quilting Co.

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However, she sees the possibility of change, noting that "people have certain preconceptions of what a quilter looks like and what a quilt looks like, but it's exciting to see those ideas being challenged in the world of modern quilting. Preston's textile and quilt designs are inspired by her travels—she and her husband have been living and working out of their mobile Airstream since —and her connections with the landscape and sense of place of where they're currently located.

As the founder of Determined by Design, Kia Weatherspoon brings with her not only over 10 years of experience in the interior design field for a range of clients, but also her time serving in the U. Air Force—making her a well-rounded leader and one who is committed to providing high-quality services in an equitable design practice.

League Prize 2011: It’s Different

Determined by Design is a minority- and veteran-owned boutique interior design firm founded by Kia Weatherspoon and based out of the vibrant Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D. With a focus on multi-family, affordable and supportive housing properties; boutique hotels; and small businesses in economically challenged and emerging communities, the company is committed to serving those who are the most in need and making interior design a standard for all.

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Weatherspoon's experience in hospitality and residential spaces translates to her current work, where she completes projects for multi-family residences. Prior to that, she served in the U. In those quarters, Weatherspoon discovered the power of design as a means of creating space and comfort, and continues to channel this positive, forward-looking, go-getter attitude in her projects and business.

The Archer Park Apartments is one of Determined By Design's many multi-family projects; founder Kia Weatherspoon seeks not only to create well-designed spaces for her clients, but also to advocate for them through her work, getting to the heart of what they most deeply need. Sign In Subscribe. Marie Burgos of Marie Burgos Design.

7 Lessons For Young Architects With Frank Harmon FAIA

Get the Dwell Newsletter. Casey Keasler of Casework. Mesmerizing, linking motifs in a textured weave lend graphic appeal to a soft cotton throw blanket edged in clean white. A compact storage bin for corralling your kitchen, bath, or entryway clutter. You are my sunrise plates. From Brooklyn ceramicist Helen Levi, these dinner plates are prettier than a dawn horizon.

They stack up for everyday meals and bring in a little color to elegant tables too. Judy Kameon of Elysian Landscapes.

Young Architects 13: It’s Different Young Architects 13: It’s Different
Young Architects 13: It’s Different Young Architects 13: It’s Different
Young Architects 13: It’s Different Young Architects 13: It’s Different
Young Architects 13: It’s Different Young Architects 13: It’s Different
Young Architects 13: It’s Different Young Architects 13: It’s Different
Young Architects 13: It’s Different Young Architects 13: It’s Different

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