Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot

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The land of Arthur Galbraith. I would often stand in the doorway and stare. Sometimes I still do. She was staring at the painted walls as two generations of the North family had done before her. Hallberry Bridge across to Tin Gate Mire above the fire. The gap yet to be filled by the bookcase. Only the rough outline of a river and a fording place and a ring of standing stones awaiting a name and a history.


10 of History's Most Unforgettable Forgotten Stories

Its first mention is half-way, and it appears only a handful of times—in a full-length novel. Plus it has a deeper meaning. The gleaming detail is the one thing that captures both the emotion and idea of the story at once, in one fell swoop. A singular, elegant moment of clarity.

Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot

It is a literal representation of the truth that is inherent within every story. So as you develop your story, ask yourself: what is the truth within the story that I want to tell? Buster tells the story of DJ Forza who travels to Japan as a volunteer after the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Forza works side by side with an elderly Japanese couple and their daughter to clean up a town after the disasters.

After several long days, Forza gets invited to their home for tea. When Forza notices the photographs of the second World War, the daughter explains:. This is why my mother wanted to make tea for you. She could not believe that an American would come all this way to help us. The cup of tea is the powerful symbol of human connections between former enemies. A symbol of peace. As Chip and Dan Heath explain in their book The Power of Moments, great customer service experience—an experience worth raving about—is not defined by the average of the whole experience but by the remarkable moments in that experience.

You can pick up the phone, order a Popsicle, and it gets delivered to you at poolside, free of charge. I read The Power of Moments a year ago. But I still remember that red phone and the Popsicles, and how they symbolize remarkable customer service. About how some people can plot their business path years in advance.

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They know exactly who they want to target and what they want to offer. Most of my map is still blank. And she feels like a symbol of discovering my voice—in writing, in drawing, and in business. A symbol of doing things my way, and sticking to my personal values. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Hi Henneke, Again, a wonderful article. I can use this technique in my articles and blog posts. Although, your brand voice is unique, it is the charming presence of Henrietta, which keeps me engaged. Can you write a post highlighting the use of such techniques in copywriting?

Hello loved the way you combine the fiction writing with the business writing. Looking for more blogs. I loved this post so much I copied and pasted into a Word document to ponder on later. This made me think about movies and books I found memorable. The kimonos were strikingly beautiful and symbolized power and prestige, but worn in extreme discomfort.

Thanks for another gleaming post. Thank you for sharing! Thought-provoking as always, Henneke. And which gleaming detail could symbolize your story? I know exactly what my business stands for. But what detail? What is my Henrietta? Do Story is in my Kindle, thanks to you. Off to read it. In my experience, such things can need a little time to develop and at once, an idea may pop into your mind of what detail represents your business.

I came across to your website a few months ago when I was looking for landing page examples for my copywriter course. The first gleaming detail that caught my attention was the brief audio in which you present yourself. Afterward, I fell in love with Henrietta; Although she is a drawing, she is more real than the photos on many websites. And the gleaming details that keeps me hooked to your emails and articles are the tips and book recommendations.

I never forget the person who put me on track of a good book. Thank you so much for sharing this, Silvia. I think she has her own fan club! I think sometimes a story may have two such moments? That sticks in my mind as representative of the entire series, how she constantly was giving of her self to the end of her strength. Then in another moment in the story, when a neighbor is mildly ill, the girls take him a pudding to help cheer and nourish him.

It seemed like a good resolution to the entire tale, really, although it was not nearly the end of the book. And so very memorable to me. Interesting point about multiple moments. That hotel with the free Popsicles had other memorable moments of customer service. Thank you for sharing. Hi Henneke. Another great post from you.

The idea of drawing a map on the wall is fantastic. Like seeing a film inside my head. We should always leave a little room or a blank wall? You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. References to this work on external resources. Wikipedia in English None. No library descriptions found. Book description. Haiku summary. Add to Your books. Add to wishlist. Quick Links Amazon. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Audible 0 editions. It was such a huge success that more than , passengers used the subway during its first year of operation.

Why did I remember that one story?

Tweed would later block any expansion to the subway before being imprisoned, and Beach couldn't continue them anyway due to his investors deserting him in anticipation of the start of an economic crisis. Printed from www. Like Send to friends Share WhatsApp. Like Share WhatsApp. Sign Up Free Get our finest posts sent directly to your inbox. Did you mean:. Report copyright infringement. Print this content. Baba Recommends This Ancient Civilization Just Mysteriously Vanished Long ago, Malta was inhabited by a mysterious, advanced civilization, but one day, it ceased to exist.

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    Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot
    Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot
    Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot
    Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot
    Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot
    Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot

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