Above The Harvest Moon

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Why is it called the Harvest Moon?

Stephen said: "Some of the frames show what is sometimes referred to as an Omega effect, where refraction creates an inferior mirage effect, making it look like the moon is on a stand. The effect is named after the last letter of the Greek alphabet which looks like an incomplete circle on top of two serifs.

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The Harvest Moon is the name given to the first full moon which takes place closest to the Autumn equinox. The name comes from when farmers needed to start gathering crops for the winter months and they used the bright light of the moon to make their working day longer. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at tips the-sun. You can WhatsApp us on We pay for videos too.

AP — A once-starving bald eagle that spent the past 7 weeks regaining her strength at a wildlife sanctuary has taken flight once again in Maryland. China says it didn't cancel farm visits because of problems with negotiations. In fact the talks last week were labeled "a good outcome". Reuters reports the country's senior ag rep says the discussion was constructive and prepared officials for next month's high-level meetings.

On Friday, Chinese officials revealed they wouldn't AP — Officials say fish populations in a Colorado river have been severely depleted due to suffocation caused by debris from a wildfire. Smartphones are an essential part of everyday life and life on the farm is no exception. AgWeb recently put together a list of essential farm phone apps that will make your day-to-day a breeze.

From keeping tabs on employees to organizing your to-dos, read on to see 5 must-have apps for the farm. Fall is a great time to visit a farm brewery.

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The Virginia Farm Bureau's Dave Miller, shares how brewers in the state are including more local ingredients in their products. So far the country has reported 2 cases near the border with North Korea. National pork board director of swine health programs Dr. Patrick Webb says the new cases highlight the need to ramp up prevention efforts in the U. We have got to focus on bio security and that's making sure we harden our target here in the United States and making s AP — Wildlife officials have ended their search for the grizzly bear or bears responsible for back-to-back attacks on hunters in the same area of southwestern Montana.

After the CDC said more than people had been sickened with a severe lung disease linked to vaping, Walmart announced it would no longer sell e-cigarettes. Chinese Trade Officials canceled a visit to the U. Farm Belt after wrapping up trade talks. There is no explanation as to why they are cutting their trip short. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue From long days in the field to the vast amount of equipment on the farm, there are a number of safety risks associated with agriculture.

The House passes a continuing resolution to fund the government through November with a measure for more reporting from the USDA. After some uncertainty, Politico reports lawmakers have agreed to leave trade aid funding in the government spending bill, but committee chair, Nita Lowey, has demanded more accountability Despite reported reservations, Mexican tomato growers sign a deal with the U. Department of Commerce to suspend an investigation on imports into the U.

While the dotted line is signed, there's doubt on both sides of the border. The proposal was settled last month, but since then, U. A year-old man died in East Texas Thursday after he was electrocuted trying to save his horse in Tropical Storm Imelda.

Hunter Morrison's death was reported to authorities by his family at around p. Eastern equine encephalitis has been diagnosed in 21 people in six states, and five people have died. Seven former secretaries of agriculture and the current USDA head raise united voices for the passage of the U. Mexico Canada agreement, but negotiations with China overshadow the push.

But while former secretaries encourage Congress to move ahead, trade watchers are focused on U. The current head of the department, Secretary S The State of Florida will be having its inaugural industrial hemp conference in Orlando from Nov.

Deputy level trade talks between the U. South China Morning Post says the interim agreement is expected during next month's high-level talks. The Post cites a researcher affiliated with the Chinese government, but last week the Trump Administration strongly denied that notion, after Bloomberg reported it. The Chinese publication predicts Beijing will agree to buy more farm products Rural communities sometimes lack access to fresh, local produce but a project looks to change that.

The Arkansas Farm Bureau shares how they are using current community gathering sites for service. AP — After weathering ups and downs in wetland conditions for the last few years, duck hunters in North Dakota and South Dakota are seeing positive trends in the popular waterfowl states. Gun manufacture Colt will no longer sell AR's to civilians citing an "adequate supply" on the market.

The Mississippi River is back to normal in Louisiana, but some folks are still dealing with the effects. The high river levels have kept away those who normally bale hay on the river's levees. AP — Dominion Energy announced plans Thursday to seek approval to build what it says would be the largest offshore wind project in the United States off the Virginia coast. South Korea culls 20 thousand hogs as the feed industry considers delaying ingredient shipments to prevent African Swine Fever from spreading further. Agricensus reports no actions have been taken yet, but one market source says the industry is working up contingency plans that could affect shipments of corn, soymeal, Portions of Tyson's processing plant in Kansas, damaged by fire, are back up and running.

AP — Dozens of people listened to a virtual meeting involving the future of wolf management in Washington state. The Spokesman-Review says the minute meeting on Tuesday was the first of three to discuss how wolves will be managed after their numbers grow to the point they are considered recovered. Antibiotic resistance in hospitals and veterinary settings has groups of researchers, producers, veterinarians and human doctors striving for an answer, but this is not a one-sided issue. The star has partnered with NS2 Serves, an organization which provides IT training and employment assistance at no cost to the veterans.

Today we celebrate this mostly forgotten American fruit with 6 facts about the pawpaw. Kentucky State University has the only full-time pawpaw research program in the world and helped create this holiday. Pawpaw trees love humid continental climates; warm hot summers with mild to cool winters.

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They are usually found in the Southeastern U. The Pawpaw tastes like a cross between a mango and a banana and has pits that look like gi A new video game teaches animal science before stepping into the field, or the barn. The first part of CowSim is designed to teach the player how to behave in an open environment with cattle, the second section provides techniques needed for driving President Donald Trump could secure a mini trade deal with Japan as soon as next Wednesday.

AP — A federal biologist says federally protected vultures are invading West Virginia, having migrated from Central and South America about 45 years ago and now settling up the East Coast. It all started with a sign. The Federal Reserve has cut its benchmark interest rate again, big news for the U. OREM, Utah AP — Orem police used their vehicle sirens to drive a 2-year-old bear up a tree after its presence in the central Utah caused traffic delays Wednesday morning.

Have you ever lost or been forced to give away a pet? Then a Maryland woman has a website for you. A funeral home near in Tennessee has invited the public to a ceremony for an Air Force veteran who has no known living family. Beginning in , the South Florida Water Management Board began taking "aggressive action to protect the Everglades and eliminate invasive pythons from its public lands," and now they are looking to add to the force of their Python Elimination Program.

Efforts have increased across many industries to cut greenhouse gases and the agriculture industry may need to be a leader in the sustainability field, according to a press release from the National Corn Growers Association.


Above the Harvest Moon

Thames Valley Police said Tuesday that a year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to burgle and has been released pending investigation. The two suspects have not been charged or identified. Pizza Hut has long had a history of offering unique crusts and snacks and they have added a new one to the list: The Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza. A year-old police officer was shot and killed in Alabama Monday, officials said Monday night. PAUL, Minn. Waterfowl specialist Steve Cordts of the Department of Natural Resources says biologists continue to see favorable counts of breeding ducks in Minnesota and other parts of North America.

The Center for Disease Control has expanded on its late August report on a salmonella outbreak that has now spread to 49 different states. That taken-for-granted vegetable, that sturdy, dense staple of many a poor, ancestral homeland, is finally getting respect. You've all seen big pumpkins, but one family hopes theirs brings home the blue ribbon. Virginia Farm Bureau shows us what it takes to grow these massive monsters.


Hemp is a new crop for most of the farmers growing it. As the industry gains traction, producers are working to find the best production methods and build strong partnerships. This year they are first-time hemp farmers. The term we keep hearing is Its the Wild Wild West right now. This thing sort of exploded overnight and there are so many avenues you can go with this thing. I think that's goi A Cargill meat processing facility in Dodge City, Kansas caught fire on Friday, but the blaze was quickly contained.

No animals were harmed in the fire. AP — A Vermont farmer has lost 13 goats to an unknown animal. Falkenbury Farm in Rutland County reports seven goats died and six more are missing following an attack. A Vermont Fish and Wildlife biologist was unable to find tracks to identify the species of attacker. China takes a step towards easing trade tensions by exempting U. While the details are still unclear, the change spells opportunity for pork producers.

Danish Crown, a major pork-producing company, has opened a new processing plant near Shanghai. The plant will use imported meat from Denmark to produce 14 thousand tons of packaged, chilled products, annually. Chocolate milk passes sports drink to get athletes to the finish line. A study by Dairy Max shows high school students saw almost 4 percent improvement in weight lifting after adding milk to their nutrition routine. The study says drinking chocolate milk 30 minutes after a workout replenishes, repairs, and rehydrates the body.

Plus athletes benefit from the 8 grams of protein in milk compared to the carbohydrate only make-up of sports drinks. More than 11 and a half thousand H-2A applications have been filed this year, up 11 percent from The USDA's latest farm income forecast showed numbers are up nearly five percent this year but farm economists don't think the odds are that good. American Farm Bureau economists say the report includes income from trade aid and insurance payouts that have yet to be delivered, making some say it's over-optimistic.

The real on the ground situation in farm economy, it's st President Donald Trump says progress is being made on a biofuel reform package. Reuters reports he met with farm-state senators on Thursday, and he's supposed to meet with their oil-producing state counterparts today. The current proposal would increase biofuel blending volumes by 5 percent.

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The White House has declined comment on any new details, but U. House Ag Chairman Collin Peterson says he's unsatisfied wi Department of Agriculture USDA today announced the appointment of three producers and three industry representatives to serve on the Peanut Standards Board.

The following appointees will serve three-year terms beginning immediately and ending June 30, Southeast Region Alabama, Georgia and Florida Michael H. Davis, Graceville, Fla. Producer John T. Industry representative Southwest Region AP — For more than 20 years, the eastern Michigan town of Lapeer sent leftover sludge from its sewage treatment plant to area farms, supplying them with free fertilizer while avoiding the expense of disposal elsewhere.

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AP — The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says agents ticketed 62 people in 17 parishes for a total of 78 alleged hunting violations during the first weekend of dove hunting. TFP naturally fluctuates year to year, but the model shows some states could see larger than normal effects. Lousiana saw the largest TFP change followed by This month, hundreds of thousands of monarch butterflies could be visible in parts of Ohio as they make their migration journey from Canada to Mexico.

Outside historic Durango, Colorado, there's a family that has been running sheep for nearly a century. Not only are they providing a year-round economic base for the community, but they're also playing an active role in the production of America's lamb and wool. Public lands ranching is a way of life for ranchers like J. Paul Brown in western Colorado. He says without grazing permits like his in the San Juan National Forest, his family wouldn't be able to stay in business and continu Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, plans to have percent of the residents in her city to be within one-half mile of accessible fresh food by One Urban Food Forest is the first of its kind in Georgia - and believed to be the largest in the country.

Thank you to the Georgia Farm Monitor for providing this report. Farmers have faced many challenges this year but in Arkansas, some producers managed to grow good crops. As Arkansas Farm Bureau reports, even with that highlight, they find it hard to make ends meet. Farmers in Georgia who suffered losses from Hurricane Michael nearly a year ago may soon get federal money to help with recovery. Reuters reports Trump administration officials met with biofuel industry reps, warning they should accept the waiver proposal by Friday.

Above The Harvest Moon Above The Harvest Moon
Above The Harvest Moon Above The Harvest Moon
Above The Harvest Moon Above The Harvest Moon
Above The Harvest Moon Above The Harvest Moon
Above The Harvest Moon Above The Harvest Moon
Above The Harvest Moon Above The Harvest Moon
Above The Harvest Moon Above The Harvest Moon

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