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The White House wasn’t opposed to the plan.

Given the importance of the United States' alliance with Britain to the American Cold War strategy of containing Communism, this Irish policy was unrealistic in the extreme.

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Consequently, it failed to further Irish national interests. Dissertations - Access via Proquest Digital Dissertations. Advanced Search.

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Skip to main content. Read more: Alias Grace: how Irish migration and the female criminal mind were viewed in the Victorian era. Nationalism was a core feature of American life for many Irish emigrants and their offspring.

From the United Irish Exiles in the early s to Clan na Gael in the early s, Irish American political culture maintained a strong investment in the imagined freedom of the old country. Much of this activism worked through civil society organisations. The temperature of Irish nationalism in the US cooled in the later s.

Ireland still promoted itself in the US after this but its neutrality meant it had difficulties getting its voice heard.

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U.S.-Ireland Relations |

Successive US presidents and administrations deferred to British perspectives, most notably on Northern Ireland. The eruption of violent conflict in Northern Ireland in the late s fuelled a resurgence of ethnic consciousness in Irish America and politicised portions of it in favour of a militant nationalism.

Through the s, there was a small but significant swell in support for the claims and activities of the IRA. This militancy galvanised moderate Irish American political leaders to promote support for constitutional nationalism and to lobby in Washington for US intervention in Northern Ireland.

U.S.-Ireland Relations

In , they helped form Friends of Ireland , a bipartisan group of senators and representatives, which played a significant role in the Anglo-Irish Agreement in and advanced the idea that a political solution was possible. There can be no doubt that the Good Friday Agreement of has the fingerprints of Irish America on it. It was a high-water mark for its Washington lobbyists. But for the next 20 years Northern Ireland would slip off the agenda and focus shifted principally to economic relations between Ireland and the US.

But Brexit and Donald Trump — in different but complexly related ways — have galvanised Irish America and re-energised Washington lobbying. The investments of US companies in Ireland, employing , people, are balanced by those of roughly Irish companies in the US, employing , Americans. Trade in goods and services is more or less equivalent in both directions. The Trump administration is threatening secondary sanctions against European companies doing business with Iran.

Irish-American Relations Irish-American Relations
Irish-American Relations Irish-American Relations
Irish-American Relations Irish-American Relations
Irish-American Relations Irish-American Relations
Irish-American Relations Irish-American Relations
Irish-American Relations Irish-American Relations

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